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JP-2009048269-A: Parallel processor patent, JP-2009048864-A: 単3中性線欠相保護付き遮断器 patent, JP-2009049620-A: 携帯電話装置 patent, JP-2009050171-A: Method for detecting phosphorylation on substrate by surface plasmon resonance patent, JP-2009052667-A: Rolling bearing device with sensor patent, JP-2009054161-A: Scalable and extensible network test architecture patent, JP-2009059674-A: 電子機器およびコネクタ patent, JP-2009061947-A: 台車本体及び台車、並びに台車連結体 patent, JP-2009061961-A: Outer mirror device for vehicle patent, JP-2009062488-A: 電解質膜の製造方法及び電解質膜 patent, JP-2009065990-A: 携帯排便袋 patent, JP-2009067930-A: 塩化ビニル系シート patent, JP-2009068092-A: 溶鋼への脱酸剤の投入方法 patent, JP-2009069441-A: Photographing device, control method for photographing device, and program patent, JP-2009069708-A: Electronic information storage device for image processing apparatus and image processing device patent, JP-2009069851-A: 現像装置及び画像形成装置 patent, JP-2009071006-A: ラックマウント型電子機器の冷却構造 patent, JP-2009072811-A: Interlock control method of resistance welding machine patent, JP-2009077538-A: Signal processing circuit for step-up type dc-dc converter patent, JP-2009081050-A: High-pressure discharge lamp lighting device patent, JP-2009082460-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2009084936-A: 断熱住宅及び換気システム patent, JP-2009085600-A: Optical characteristic measuring instrument and method patent, JP-2009085644-A: アンテナ装置 patent, JP-2009087309-A: Method for simulating every agriculture by computer system (virtual agriculture) patent, JP-2009094672-A: Image display apparatus patent, JP-2009095815-A: Deodorization treatment equipment for fermentation odor patent, JP-2009097986-A: 光源装置及び光学式測定装置 patent, JP-2009099763-A: 中空パッケージを用いた半導体装置及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2009100051-A: テレビジョン受像機 patent, JP-2009102141-A: 電子部品整列装置及び該電子部品整列装置を用いた電子部品整列方法 patent, JP-2009105130-A: Manufacturing method of photoelectromotive element patent, JP-2009107993-A: 抗骨粗鬆症剤 patent, JP-2009108749-A: Seal device patent, JP-2009109297-A: 煤センサ patent, JP-2009110094-A: プリント配線板の回路設計システム及び回路設計方法 patent, JP-2009110170-A: System for issuing payment slip for utility charge patent, JP-2009112118-A: Power distribution apparatus patent, JP-2009113214-A: Roller for foam panel and method of manufacturing foam panel patent, JP-2009113492-A: 軟質グリップ及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2009116961-A: 情報記憶装置の取り付けユニット、及び電子機器 patent, JP-2009117247-A: Planar light source and image display patent, JP-2009121268-A: Check valve for compressor, compressor and pumping up device patent, JP-2009122560-A: Bounce adapter for camera patent, JP-2009124902-A: 回転電機およびそれを備えた車載用電機システム patent, JP-2009126746-A: 瓦等の粘土形成物の乾燥方法とその乾燥装置 patent, JP-2009127516-A: 空燃比センサの制御装置 patent, JP-2009128548-A: タンデム接続連続紙レーザービームプリンタ patent, JP-2009129197-A: Control circuit patent, JP-2009129820-A: Lithium-nickel composite oxide, lithium-ion secondary battery using it, and manufacturing method of lithium-nickel composite oxide patent, JP-2009131090-A: 携帯式電源 patent, JP-2009132089-A: 熱転写シート patent, JP-2009133338-A: Spline engagement structure patent, JP-2009133667-A: 可搬型放射線測定装置 patent, JP-2009134784-A: 多層光記録媒体、光記録再生方法 patent, JP-2009137782-A: Reforming unit and fuel cell system patent, JP-2009138436-A: Washing place floor for bathroom patent, JP-2009138760-A: Clutch device patent, JP-2009139242-A: マイクロコンピュータ、データ処理システム及びデータ処理方法 patent, JP-2009140413-A: 監視装置及び監視方法 patent, JP-2009142121-A: 圧電アクチュエータ patent, JP-2009143944-A: 髄膜炎菌性bエピトープの分子模倣物 patent, JP-2009144612-A: Fuel reforming device of internal combustion engine patent, JP-2009144746-A: Linear guide unit provided with wiper seal patent, JP-2009148595-A: Game machine patent, JP-2009149471-A: Method and equipment for manufacturing glass plate patent, JP-2009150050-A: Visual guidance system in tunnel patent, JP-2009151021-A: Image forming apparatus patent, JP-2009151581-A: データベースアクセス制御装置 patent, JP-2009151719-A: 携帯型機器 patent, JP-2009153415-A: Restriction mechanism for pasture pick-up unit, pasture pick-up unit and pasture processing apparatus patent, JP-2009154051-A: Simple filtration apparatus patent, JP-2009156260-A: 前傾タワー頂部セクション patent, JP-2009156289-A: Continuously variable transmission for motorcycle patent, JP-2009156977-A: Microscope patent, JP-2009157636-A: 建物位置表示装置 patent, JP-2009158696-A: Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device, and semiconductor light emitting device patent, JP-2009158874-A: 基板及びこれを備えた電子装置 patent, JP-2009161929-A: Window screen patent, JP-2009164501-A: Method for manufacturing semiconductor element patent, JP-2009166457-A: Image forming system patent, JP-2009167412-A: Three-dimentional interpenetrating network texture of macroscopic assemblage of randomly oriented carbon fibril and organic polymer patent, JP-2009169076-A: Image forming apparatus and image formation method patent, JP-2009171742-A: 地絡保護継電システム patent, JP-2009173731-A: プライマー及びそれを用いた塗装方法 patent, JP-2009173753-A: Method for producing ink absorbent and ink absorbent patent, JP-2009173969-A: Temperature control mechanism, and processing device using the same patent, JP-2009174056-A: 窒化金属膜作製装置、窒化金属膜作製方法及び窒化金属膜 patent, JP-2009175916-A: 再生骨材の製造管理システム patent, JP-2009175970-A: ソフトウェア自動再現プログラム patent, JP-2009176641-A: 高圧放電灯点灯装置、照明器具 patent, JP-2009178736-A: Laser beam machining apparatus and method patent, JP-2009179755-A: シクロオレフィンポリマー成形用ペレット、その製造方法、及び成形品 patent, JP-2009182686-A: レイヤ7スイッチ装置 patent, JP-2009182719-A: Data processing device patent, JP-2009183068-A: 低起動トルク発電機 patent, JP-2009185218-A: マイクロカプセルの水性分散体の製造方法及びマイクロカプセルを用いた架橋性樹脂組成物 patent, JP-2009185474-A: Snow-melting water spray nozzle patent, JP-2009189632-A: Board case and board attachment device patent, JP-2009191090-A: Ink for inkjet recording patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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